Project Requirements

If you are thinking of contributing a new NSA Playset project, please keep in mind the following requirements:

1. A Silly Name
If your project is similar to an existing NSA ANT project, you can come up with a clever play on that name.  For example, if your project is similar to FOXACID, maybe you could call it COYOTEMETH.  Of course, if your project doesn't quite line up with anything in the ANT Catalog, you can come up with your own name.  If you are feeling less creative, try out the handy name generator found here:

2. A Category
This whole Playset thing is pretty new, so categories are in flux, but here's what I'm thinking so far for categories:
  • Passive Radio Interception - Any radio monitoring and analysis techniques.
  • Active Radio Injection - Any radio technique that requires transmission.
  • Physical Domination - These are techniques for forcibly unlocking physically proximate locked electronic devices.
  • Hardware Implants - Modified hardware/firmware for the purposes of monitoring or control of hardware devices.
  • Software Implants - Rootkits for any major software platform, including servers, mobile devices, browsers, etc.
  • Network Reconnaissance - Tools for gathering metadata from a live, local network. 

3. An Exact Scope or Escalation
Remember, the goal here is predictability of an applied security technique.  For example, while "HackRF" is an awesome project that can be used as an ingredient for Playset projects, it is not a project in itself, as it itself does not demonstrate any specific security weaknesses without additional development effort.

4. A list of Ingredients
This is the ultimate parts list for reproducing the escalation.  This should contain part numbers, and links to where anything can be purchased or downloaded.  Ideally, it would be very easy to roll all of these ingredients into a small box (including a USB stick with all software), which could be sold off at security conferences.

5. Detailed Instructions for Reproducing Results
These instructions should be clearly written, and the software in the ingredients section should focus on minimizing any clicks or complex steps to reproduce the results.  Ideally the step by step instrictuions could be written on a small card that would be included in the box.  These instructions should not involve any complex tasks like soldering or compiling code.  If code needs to be compiled, the pre-compiled code should exist in the form of a Live USB stick.

Once you have these five things figured out, please send a full product description to the mailing list where we can provide feedback, and eventually post it on the website.